Defense Rankings

Continuing my rankings, this one covers how I rank the defenses. Most people don’t bother with defense since nothing really separates them. Last year, the Jags defense dominated the rest, but they also scored a ridiculous number of touchdowns. That number will regress. When drafting defenses, I’m looking for the teams that will get the most sacks and that usually translate into interceptions and fumbles also. Here are the rankings:

  1. adrian-curiel-465963-unsplash
    Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash


  2. Vikings
  3. Rams
  4. Eagles
  5. Ravens
  6. Chargers
  7. Texans
  8. Titans
  9. Patriots
  10. Broncos
  11. Cardinals
  12. Lions
  13. Panthers
  14. Steelers
  15. Bears
  16. Packers
  17. Redskins
  18. Saints
  19. Falcons
  20. Raiders
  21. Bills
  22. Buccaneers
  23. Chiefs
  24. Browns
  25. Giants

Quick Notes:

  • Raiders and Bears are two late defenses that I think are worth keeping an eye. Both have some talent on each level and are well coached.
  • The Chargers are my favorite target this year. With Bosa and Ingram, they get after the QB. There secondary is stacked now with Derwin James back there also.
  • The Ravens are an underrated defense every year, they have talent up front and can always get to the QB.
  • I am not drafting any defense before the second to last round this year. The difference between the top 10 is not much unless the Jags repeat what they did last year, but that is unlikely.


What do you think of the defenses this year?

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TE Rankings

To continue my series of fantasy football rankings, this post is all about tight ends. The tight end position is never deep and most people wait on them since after the first two tiers. That is because there is not much of a difference after those top guys. Travis Kelce and Rob Gronkowski have been the top TEs for a few years now and this year is no different. Here is how I rank them for this year and I’ll follow them with some quick thoughts. Don’t forget to check out the rest of my rankings.

  1. Travis Kelce, KCben-hershey-417746-unsplash
  2. Rob Gronkowski, NE
  3.  Zach Ertz, PHI
  4. Kyle Rudolph, MIN
  5. Evan Engram, NYG
  6. Jimmy Graham, GB
  7. Delanie Walker, TEN
  8. Greg Olson, CAR
  9. Trey Burton, PHI
  10. David Njoku, CLE
  11. Jack Doyle, IND
  12. George Kittle, SF
  13. Jared Cook. OAK
  14. Jordan Reed, WAS
  15. Tyler Eifert, CIN
  16. O.J. Howard, TB
  17. Charles Clay, BUF
  18. Austin Seferian-Jenkins, NYJ
  19. Cameron Brate, TB
  20. Benjamin Watson, NO
  • If your league is drafting more than 20 tight ends then you need to find a new league. No, but really this list should cover most leagues. Some leagues I have done even didn’t use tight ends at all.
  • I put Kelce over Gronk just because I like guys that I can trust to play in the playoffs. There have been rumors of Gronk retiring, being traded and he’s always missing a couple games on top of that. So I am putting the safer option in Kelce above him.
  • Ertz and Rudolph are the two guys I’m targeting the most this year. It seems like some people forget what they have done, the last two years. Both also have a solid floor based on the offenses they are in.
  • Jordan Reed and Tyler Eifert are two guys worth taking a risk on late in drafts. They could bring the most value back if they don’t miss too many games. If you are looking to hit a home run at the position, take one of these guys and hope they can stay healthy for this year. Injuries cannot be predicted, just remember that.
  • O.J. Howard and David Njoku are the two breakout candidates in this class. They were both drafted in the first round in last year’s NFL Draft. Both were excellent prospects that flashed their big-time potential. The Buc’s staff needs Howard to make an impact this year if they want to try to save their jobs and make the playoffs.

What do you think of my rankings? Make sure to check out the rest of rankings also.

RB Rankings

I’ve been watching preseason games and highlights the last few days. I can’t say it enough, but it’s great to have football back. For me there’s nothing like football season. Football is by far my favorite sport to follow and I follow it all year. With all that being said, I have started working on my football rankings. So far I have posted my QB and WR rankings. Make sure to check those out. Below is how I rank the running backs this year:

  1. Bell PIT
  2. ashton-clark-424090-unsplashGurley LAR
  3. Elliot DAL
  4. Johnson ARI
  5. Kamara NO
  6. Barkley NYG
  7. Gordon LAC
  8. Fournette JAX
  9. Hunt KC
  10. Cook MIN
  11. Mixon CIN
  12. McKinnon SF
  13. Freeman ATL
  14. Howard CHI
  15. Collins BAL
  16. McCaffrey CAR
  17. Miller HOU
  18. McCoy BUF
  19. Michel NE
  20. Ajayi PHI
  21. Lynch OAK
  22. Ingram NO
  23. Freeman DEN
  24. Lewis TEN
  25. Jones TB
  26. Drake MIA
  27. Johnson DET
  28. Penny SEA
  29. Crowell NYJ
  30. Henry TEN
  31. Hyde CLE
  32. Johnson CLE
  33. Jones GB
  34. Coleman ATL
  35. Mack IND
  36. Anderson CAR
  37. Burkhead NE
  38. Williams GB
  39. Cohen CHI
  40. Chubb CLE

Quick Notes

  • I prefer the Bell as my RB1, it’s hard to predict touchdowns and Gurley had 19 of them last year. There should be some regression there and I expect teams to focus more on Gurley and make Goff beat them.
  • With Guice tearing his ACL which hurts for me to type, Sony Michel is now my favorite rookie back to draft. Bill Belichick believes in him enough to take him in the first, so if he likes Sony that much then do I.
  • I was all over Mixon last year, but he was never given the workload to get going. He is extremely talented and can do it all. The Bengals improved their o-line and have said they will get him more touches.
  • I have Dion Lewis ranked over Henry, because I think he will be the starter eventually. Lewis is a 3 down back unlike Henry plus the Titans can use different formations with Lewis. I’m fading Henry this year.
  • Kerryon Johnson was the SEC offensive player of the year last year and was drafted in the second round by the Lions. A team that is starving for 1,000 yard rusher. Johnson is also a 3 down back and should run away with the starting job. He is a good target later in drafts.


What do you think of my rankings so far?

WR Rankings

My last post was my QB rankings, this one is how I rank the wide receivers for the 2018-2019 season. These rankings can be used for just about any format. I may adjust them a little bit if it was a standard league instead of PPR, but most people do play PPR so I that’s what I kept in mind while making this year’s list. Here is my top 50 wide receivers for this year:chris-moore-685340-unsplash.jpg

  1. Brown PIT
  2. Hopkins HOU
  3. Beckham NYG
  4. Thomas NO
  5. Allen LAC
  6. Jones ATL
  7. Adams GB
  8. Green CIN
  9. Evans TB
  10. Baldwin SEA
  11. Thielen MIN
  12. Hill KC
  13. Robinson CHI
  14. Diggs MIN
  15. Cooper OAK
  16. Jeffry PHI
  17. Hilton IND
  18. Fitzgerald ARZ
  19. Thomas DEN
  20. Cooks LAR
  21. Landry CLE
  22. Gordon CLE
  23. Tate DET
  24. Smith- Schuster PIT
  25. Watkins KC
  26. Jones DET
  27. Hogan NE
  28. Sanders DEN
  29. Woods LAR
  30. Garcon SF
  31. Davis TEN
  32. Kupp LAR
  33. Goodwin SF
  34. Funchess CAR
  35. Crabtree BAL
  36. Anderson NYJ
  37. Will Fuller HOU
  38. Crowder WAS
  39. Parker MIA
  40. Cobb GB
  41. Edelman NE
  42. Agholor PHI
  43. Hurns DAL
  44. Lee JAX
  45. Nelson OAK
  46. Docton WAS
  47. DJ Moore CAR
  48. Mike Williams LAR
  49. Miller CHI
  50. Ridley ATL

A couple quick notes:

  • I love Keenen Allen more than most this year. I have talked about him in a few other blogs already, but I would bet on him to lead the league in catches this year.
  • I was drafting Mike Evans all over last year, but with what happened last year and Winston being suspended, he is down my list this year. In standard leagues I would push him up some, because I like to chase touchdowns in that format.
  • Landry, Gordon and Watkins are players with questions, but that was super talented. I’m falling for the talent with these three guys. Landry and Gordon are on the same team, but both can succeed in that offense with Todd Haley running the offense. If Andy Reid believes in Watkins then so do I.
  • I have TY Hilton lower than most rankings. That is basically just because of Andrew Luck, if I knew he was healthy then I would move all the Colts up. Until he proves he’s back to full health, I’m scared of that whole offense.
  • Williams, C. Ridley, and DJ Moore are my three favorite youngsters to draft based on their ADP so far. Williams is having a good camp and Rivers loves the big body pass catchers. Ridley is a great route runner which translates well from college plus he is in a good offense. Moore is very athletic and the Panthers don’t have any true pass catching threat at WR. I would grab one of these guys at the end of your drafts


What do you think of my rankings?

QB Rankings

I have recently decided to start doing my fantasy football rankings for the upcoming year. If you have never done your own rankings, I recommend you try it once or twice. It’s easy to search and find rankings online, but that is how someone else sees those players. Each person has different opinions on players and teams.

I personally hate to do top 100 or top 300 lists, because I think positional ranks are much more useful in drafts. I’m going to start my rankings with Quarterbacks and move on to each position over the next week. This is how I would draft the QBs for the upcoming season. Let’s pretend its standard scoring for all these rankings.

Photo by Keith Johnston on Unsplash
  1. Tom Brady
  2. Aaron Rodgers
  3. Russell Wilson
  4. Carson Wentz
  5. Deshawn Watson
  6. Drew Brees
  7. Cam Newton
  8. Kirk Cousins
  9. Matt Stafford
  10. Jimmy Garoppolo
  11. Derek Carr
  12. Ben Roethlisberger
  13. Phillip Rivers
  14. Jared Goff
  15. Andrew Luck
  16. Pat Mahomes
  17. Marcus Mariota
  18. Matt Ryan
  19. Alex Smith
  20. Dak Prescott
  21. Mitch Trubisky
  22. Blake Bortles
  23. Case Keenum
  24. Sam Darnold
  25. Eli Manning

I think the QB class is risky this year and I will own Brady all over the place if people keep drafting him after Wilson and Rodgers. He is coming off an MVP year and rarely gets hurt. Some people worry about his age, but I am not one of those people. I believe Watson and Wentz bounce back quickly from injury and capture that magic they showed last year.

The rest of the rankings shouldn’t surprise too many people, except for having Jimmy G and Derek Carr higher than most. If I don’t get Brady then I’m targeting Carr and Jimmy G later in my drafts. I wouldn’t feel comfortable starting anyone past Alex Smith also. I want QBs that will throw two touchdowns a game if not more. If the league has passing TDs at 4 points then you’ll be okay with any of the top 15 guys, but if they are worth 6 points then I would recommend taking one of the top 6. That is what I have been doing for years and it works out well for me.

How do you rank the quarterbacks this year?

My Least Favorite Players to Draft

Yesterday I did my favorite players to draft based on their current ADP from NFFC. Today I talk about the players I will not draft based on their current price. I know using ADP is not the perfect tool since every draft and league is different, but ADP gives us a good idea where players are going on average. So here is my list of players I won’t be drafting based on their price:

  1. Kareem Hunt RB, ADP- 8.94
  2. Christian McCaffrey RB, ADP- 17.5
  3. Rob Gronkowski TE, ADP- 24.76
  4. Kenyan Drake RB, ADP- 35.73
  5. Derrick Henry RB, ADP- 38.49
  6. Tevin Coleman RB, ADP- 69.19
  7. Rex Burkhead RB, ADP- 89.39
  8. Jameis Winston QB, ADP- 127.17
  9. LeGarrette Blount RB, ADP- 182.34
  10. Mohamed Sanu WR, ADP- 183.26

Hunt being drafted over Gordon, OBJ, and Thomas seems crazy to me. I will not be drafting Hunt in the top 10 this year. McCaffrey may not be the NFL RB we thought he would be. He looks to be more a slot WR then a RB as of now. He’s a great weapon to have, but the Panthers drafted DJ Moore and signed CJ Anderson, plus Greg Olson is healthy again. Gronk is the best TE in football, but he misses too many games to be drafted in the top 25 for me. I also like the second tier a lot this year. Kenyan Drake had some big plays like Derrick Henry that inflated their stats last year. Both were inefficient for the most part except for those few big plays. I would rather have Dion Lewis and Kalen Ballage.

Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash
Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash

I love Sony Michel in New England and he will start week 1. Bill doesn’t waste high draft picks. So I am not drafting Burkhead or any other NE running back. Jameis Winston will be suspendered for two games and has not lived up to the hype so far. I have no idea why anyone would draft him this year in a 10/12 team league. Kerryon Johnson is back to own for the Lions. Blount is close to being out of the league and Johnson is a 3 down back. The Falcons drafted Calvin Ridley, who should make an instant impact due to his route running. Plus the team still has Julio Jones, Devonte Freeman, Telvin Colemen to get the ball to also. I expect Sanu to have a down year compared to last year.

What players are being drafted too high for you?


My Favorite Players to Draft

With preseason starting up, fantasy football draft season is upon us. I have done some research and a few drafts already. This is the year of the running back with five of them currently being drafts with the first five picks in most drafts. Using current ADP from NFFC, here are my favorite players to draft this year:

Photo by Katrina Berban on Unsplash
  1. Antonio Brown WR, ADP-6.01
  2. Melvin Gordon RB, ADP- 12.24
  3. Keenen Allen WR, ADP- 16.38
  4. Derrius Guice RB, ADP- 39.41
  5. Allen Robinson WR, ADP- 42.31
  6. Tom Brady QB, ADP- 62.25
  7. Derek Carr QB, ADP- 127
  8. Calvin Ridley WR, ADP- 135.72
  9. Cameron Meredith WR, ADP-146.84
  10. James Washington WR, ADP- 243.37


Brown and Gordon seemed to be getting overlooked off what they have done the last two years. I would consider Brown with the #1 pick and I would rather own Gordon then Hunt and Kamara who are being drafted ahead of them. Allen might be my favorite player to draft this year. I will draft him in the second round, everywhere I can. Hunter Henry is out for the year and Allen is the only legit receiving option other then Gordon. Guice is my favorite rookie to draft this year. While MVP Tom Brady is being drafted as QB3-4 in most drafts. I don’t care how old he is, he is not like other players. Carr should bounce back with a real coaching staff this year. Ridley, Washington Meredith are all in good situations with good QBs. ADP will change as we get closer to the season, but these are the players I like the most so far.


Who are your favorites to draft this year?


My next post will be the players I hate based on ADP.